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Whistler Newspapers ~ Change is Good

Pique, Question or both?  This is a conversation that we have frequently with our Whistler / Pemberton based clients. 

Good news – upcoming changes are going to make this decision a bit easier for advertisers.

Glacier Media (Owner of the Whistler Question) now also owns Pique Newsmagazine.  This week, the Whistler Question announced changes to their format.  Thursday October 10th is going to be the last issue of the Whistler Question as we know it. 

Beginning the week of October 14th, The Whistler Question will become a smaller community focused newspaper.  The paper will be targeted towards local residents and will feature news and resident focused stories.  It will no longer include classifieds.  This paper will be distributed weekly on Tuesdays and Pemberton residents will have to pick up their paper as home delivery is being discontinued. 

The Pique will continue with the current format and Thursday distribution. 

What does this mean for you as an advertiser?  With the papers differentiating themselves, businesses will have the choice based on their target market and communication goals.  Ideally, this will allow for media plans to be streamlined and for campaigns to be more targeted and more effective. 

Important things to note:

The Whistler Question – Booking and materials are due by noon on Fridays

Pique Newsmagazine – Booking and materials are due by noon on Tuesdays

We will begin working through this change with our clients right away and adjusting plans accordingly.  In the meantime, let us know if you have any questions.