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Planning ~ As Easy as Eating a Cookie

Sometimes, we have the tendency to make things harder than they need to be.

I do a fair bit of planning with and on behalf of my clients. I have a number of processes that I follow to develop and document a plan. However, on a recent road trip with my family, we threw the process out the window and through the course of a conversation and some specific questions, we arrived at our destination with a basic 20 year plan.

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Betsy LinnellPlanning
Whistler Newspapers ~ Change is Good

Pique, Question or both?  This is a conversation that we have frequently with our Whistler / Pemberton based clients. 

Good news – upcoming changes are going to make this decision a bit easier for advertisers.

Glacier Media (Owner of the Whistler Question) now also owns Pique Newsmagazine.  This week, the Whistler Question announced changes to their format.  Thursday October 10th is going to be the last issue of the Whistler Question as we know it. 

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Evaluating Advertising Opportunities

Many of my clients ask if they should advertise in the Yellow Pages or other phone directories.  Typically, the cost to participate is quite high compared to other publications so many business owners look for guidance to make this decision.  They feel obligated to advertise, but don’t really want to.

Here are a few things to consider when evaluating any advertising opportunity:

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    Betsy Linnell
    Business Book Review ~ The 4-Hour Workweek

    I’m part of a Mentor Network through Lighthouse Visionary Strategies in Whistler.  My group includes some fabulous women who are the champions of their own businesses.  We get together to share our ideas and our expertise and to support one another.  As a participant, one of the requirements was to read a business book of our choosing and review it for the group.  With so many great business books out there, this is a great way to get the inside scoop and fine tune your reading list!  Enjoy.

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