B-Line Marketing Management

B-Line Marketing Management

Who We Are.


A unique strategy-driven agency backed by a network of specialized associates and contractors, B-Line Marketing Management provides small and medium sized enterprises with a truly coordinated approach to marketing.

Led by senior marketing strategist Betsy Linnell, B-Line Marketing Management’s commitment is to help clients set and hold a course to success, by delivering direct advice, strategic insight and A-to-B tactics. Smart marketing that’s straight, sincere, and seamless to implement.

Operating from its Pemberton hub, connected via an integrated project management system, B-Line Marketing Management offers clients all the benefits of a full-service marketing agency, without the overhead.

With one eye on the big picture and one eye on your bottom line, B-Line Marketing Management coordinates strategy with collective intelligence to put your business on the straight path to success.

What We Do.


Pointing you in the right direction.

Marketing strategy is about identifying business objectives and using the most effective marketing tools to reach them.   Offering an alternative path to the full-service agency route, B-Line Marketing Management provides straight-talking marketing strategy and do-able tactics from a small business champion who hates to see clients waste money.  That means, direction you can trust.  Directions you can follow.

Helping you get straight to the point. 

Brand development is just as important for a small business as it is for a large multi-national corporation – maybe even more so.  By helping clients identify and understand the unique centre point for their brand, it can be communicated through every touch point, making the most of every marketing opportunity.  B-Line’s senior level marketing expertise will help you get your point across to your target market, in a way that fits your budget an your goals.

Acting as your point-person.

Agency principal, Betsy Linnell, acts as the client’s point-person, managing a network of specialized creative and technical associates and handpicking the right team and skill-set to best serve your goals.  A coordinated approach. Without the overhead.

Pointing you in the right direction.
— Direction you can trust. Directions you can follow.